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Gandhi on Education

Gandhi on Education: Epoch-making ideas and ideologies emanate when prodigal human beings perceive problems of immense magnitude before humanity at a particular level of development in human history and try to solve them in their own typical way. Futuristic relevance of an idea or an ideology of such trailblazers depends on the clarity of vision of the coming events and their capacity to understand and internalize the forces of dissipation. Gandhiji with his ‘Divya Chakshu’ excelled in understanding the Indian people, the Indian nation and the Indian national heritage. The entire world accepts the clarity of his perception and his assessment of the shape of future trends so much so that with the passage of time the relevance of his thoughts and ideas is gaining greater significance globally.

Gandhi on Education

Born during the first phase of industrial and scientific revolution and living through its second and third stages, Gandhiji saw both the positive and humane aspects of science and technology as well as their destructive possibilities and potentialities for misutilization which could lead to a growing wedge between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and hence to destruction. Realizing something definitely wrong with the consumeristic way of life that many people were chasing in a society oriented to violence, exhibitionism, consumerism, a life far removed from Nature and moving in a direction that was not conducive to a balanced life or would promote equality of opportunity amongst people of different nations, races, castes, colors and creeds, Gandhiji began his quest for the alternatives which got even further reinforced and broadened with his experiences in South Africa.

Gandhi on Education


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