Thursday, November 26, 2015

NCTE - Teachers Salary and Requirements

‘It is difficult to have a decent lifestyle in a teaching job, and hence I need to rely on tuition money to support my family’. This not just any quote, but plight of several teachers in India. It is sad to associate plight with people who impart knowledge and educate the new generation, but this is truly an irony. According to the pay commission, average salary of Kindergarten teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya is 8000 and for Post graduate teachers is 17,500. These figures become even lower at rural sector and some private schools. Even though India is an emerging economy but the salaries of teachers is 5-6 times lower than their counterparts in USA.

Hence with such low salaries why would any graduate want to plunge in teaching when one can make twice the amount of money by working at a BPO? In fact private tutoring is more lucrative then a school teaching job in India. The only reason and incentive to join teaching in India is love for this profession. This profession is popular among women in Indi as it’s a secured job, and also time bound and above all a noble and respectable profession.

As a teacher one cannot get a lot of promotion, one can best become an academic co-ordinator after a few years of teaching career or if you are lucky can probably become the headmistress or principal in the long run. In current times Government as well as private schools are providing higher salaries to improve the standard of teaching in their schools and colleges. Tutoring is a great side income for teachers as it’s generally not sufficient to support ones family only with a single teaching job. Some people don’t approve of commercialising teaching but the new schools that are coming up are more in lines of corporate organisation, providing hefty salaries and training program for teachers to grow and upgrade constantly. The number of such schools is rising in new India.


Teacher Education - Teacher Salary

How much can you earn as a top teacher with the best education? Our industry anaylsts have made determinations of the best pay rate for a starting teacher salary as well as an experienced teachers salary. Please select your years of teaching experience to determine your salary for the teaching position in the schools. 

Teacher Education - Teacher Salary