Monday, November 30, 2015

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The NCTE is here to help first time visitors learn about the process of Teacher Education. All of our products and services are dedicated to the useful information you can get as an education professional to assist you in your teaching career.

We have information on teacher curriculums for English and Hindi as well as many other languages and countries. Some of the teacher education programs may also be a part of elementary teacher education or teacher education schools. Choose which program or curriculum best suits your experience and learning model.

Teacher training course in India is designed for aspiring teachers to learn interactive and better ways of teaching to make a subject interesting.  Teaching methods have to be different for different age groups, for instance primary level teaching is a lot different from secondary or college level. The educational requirement for a primary and secondary teacher is also different. People who wish to teach primary school should minimum pass higher secondary examination with 50% marks whereas for teaching at secondary school, one needs to be postgraduate in the subject one wishes to teach.

There are several schools and colleges in India which cater to teacher training schools in India and these offer teaching courses for different levels. Teacher education in India is institution based, along with internship programs in real classroom settings.

Teacher education curriculum has faced severe criticism over the years, as its general too technical and obsolete which is not applicable in contemporary Indian school and society. Because of this drastic changes are required to bring a big change to the curriculum. These changes are slow but can be seen as International teaching agencies with a more advanced teaching curriculum is helping to shape better teachers in India.

Teacher education is provided by several Universities, affiliated colleges, private and open Universities in India. Some of these institutions are more like an eye wash and provide certification just by paying the fee, and this leads to rise of unqualified teachers in India. The situation of primary teachers in India has seen a dramatic change but lot has to be done to improve the curriculum of secondary and vocational teachers.

Teachers play an import role in shaping the future of the country and hence it’s important that a lot of attention is paid on the quality of teachers churned out every year,

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